People Should Cry More

People Should Cry More

People should cry more. Yes, you read that correctly. People really should cry more. I mean a really good, ugly-faced, loud, and wailing cry. Or maybe just a quiet streaming of tears silently into a pillow. Or a good cleansing cry in the shower (so the water washes the tears away). Or maybe an angry “Why, f*cking, why?!” expressive cry. Sometimes a good cry is just needed. Key word is “needed.” And I mean truly needed. We NEED to have this periodic healthy release of emotions.
Unfortunately, so often these feelings and emotions are ignored or pushed back down (to only fester), which is the case more often than not.

The bottom line is this: As human beings, we make tears for a reason. We have this amazing capability of “crying” for a reason. We are equipped with this very intricate lacrimal system, which has a purpose. A system whose purpose is: emotional cleansing. It’s no coincidence that tears are made up mostly of water and that water is a cleansing agent. This isn’t an accident. We are meticulously and intricately made. There are no accidents in nature.

The purpose of crying is this: Just as we secrete other forms of waste via other systems, (e.g., solid waste via our gastrointestinal system, some of our liquid waste via our urinary system, etc), we secrete our emotional “waste” via our lacrimal system.

This is a way of our mind and body releasing and clearing accumulated stress, emotions, feelings, hurts, pains and yes, even joys. And releasing these emotions is absolutely vital to our mental, emotional, spiritual, and yes, even physical health. Continue reading “People Should Cry More”

Hypnotherapy and Addictions

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Can Hypnotherapy Help With Addictions?

There is one main thing in common with and underlying every single addiction out there; whether it’s food, drugs, alcohol, sex, work, etc. Underneath every addiction is PAIN. Buried and repressed pain. Sometimes unrelenting and smothering pain. Pain that is breath-taking and stifling. Pain that we try to escape from and push back down with substances or people or things. Pain that is so soul-crushing for some, that they will do whatever it takes to make it go away, even temporarily. Even though they know the substance of choice is bad for them and could quite possibly kill them. Because it’s worth it to them, if the pain is numbed and quiet for even just one minute.

The problem is that the more we try to stuff pain back down, the more it rages to get out. The more we ignore it, the louder it screams at us from the inside out: via anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, addictions and urges, etc.

The key is to work through this pain. To somehow tap into and start to heal this pain, little by little. We have to start slowly sifting through the mounds of pain underneath and allowing it to be released from our mind and our body. And in order to do that, we have to feel it and release it safely and therapeutically, so that it doesn’t live inside us anymore. But how do we do that? I believe there are lots of ways to do this (e.g., therapy, writing, yoga, meditation, art, etc)  and each person’s healing journey is different, just as we are all different human beings, and so is our pain and our sources of pain.  Continue reading “Hypnotherapy and Addictions”

Essential Oil Spiced Tea Immunity Booster: It’s Fall Y’all!



It’s October and fall is finally here! This means cooler weather, sweaters, boots, and…hot spiced tea (or coffee)!

For a healthy taste of autumn (no offense, pumpkin spice lattes) and to simultaneously boost your immune system (since fall also brings about cold & flu season, YUCK!), try this easy, but powerful concoction:

  1. Hot green tea
  2.  2-3 drops of doTERRA’s protective blend of essential oils, “On Guard”
  3. Sweeten with honey or stevia as desired



Mmmmm mmmmm! It’s like having a little cup of autumn in your hands! The intoxicating taste & smell alone are convincing enough to make you want to drink it. It’s perfect for sipping (indoors or outdoors) on a cool, crisp morning or evening…while you’re draped in a warm blanket or sweater of course! (Just the thought of that sounds incredibly relaxing, right?)

But why is this tea so good for you and for boosting your immune system? Aside from the green tea, which is super healthy by itself, the On Guard blend contains plant extracts that are LOADED with antioxidants (e.g., cloves & cinnamon) and that are very high on the ORAC scale.

Continue reading “Essential Oil Spiced Tea Immunity Booster: It’s Fall Y’all!”