Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy

We now offer Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy! 

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy (HCH) is far more effective than traditional talk therapy in helping people overcome certain issues that pop up in daily life such as anxiety, depression, past traumas, addictions, unresolved grief, shame, etc.

Basics of Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy:

  • People are typically much more guarded and are more likely to hold back during regular talk therapy. Clients can potentially get further in just ONE 90 minute hypnotherapy session versus MONTHS of traditional therapy. 


  • In hypnotherapy, clients are doing therapy in a very relaxed state (mind & body), which is a light to medium hypnotic state. Clients are still very aware of their surroundings and everything going on, but much less distracted or guarded. This allows a very safe space for unresolved issues to surface/re-surface and to be processed and resolved without fear or judgement. This allows a conscious connection to certain patterns in a client’s life, thus allowing them to break those patterns much more easily. 


  • We don’t remember everything with our conscious mind (which is only about 10% of our mind) in regard to our past or from our childhood. But it has all been intricately recorded and stored there in our subconscious mind (which is about 90% of our mind) filed away. We may have repressed memories and wounds stored in the subconscious mind (that we aren’t even aware of) that are manifesting as daily life struggles (anxiety, self-defeating beliefs & behaviors, difficulty connecting with others, trust issues, commitment issues, choosing bad relationships, eating disorders, addictions, etc).


  • Hypnotherapy gets to the root cause(s) of our destructive beliefs and behaviors and helps to eliminate and extinguish them at the source. Clients work on re-programming (at the subconscious level) destructive beliefs and decisions that no longer serve them, in order to promote healthier beliefs, behaviors, and life choices.


  • Energy and  emotional release is a huge part of Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy. Clients sometimes have years of repressed emotions and energy that is locked up in the mind and body, again, that they may not even be aware of. HCH helps to eliminate and free this mass of negative energy within, so that clients may replace it with positive energy, love, and compassion (for themselves and others). 


  • Inner child work is a also big part of Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy. This is extremely beneficial for healing old wounds and re-aligning the inner child part of ourselves with the wise adult part of ourselves. This helps clients to consciously make better choices from the healthy adult part vs the wounded inner child part of themselves. Many people are running around with their wounded inner child (again, completely without their awareness) making decisions for them in life that are based solely out of fear, pain, guilt, shame, anger, uncertainty, etc.


  • With hypnotherapy, the benefits continue to increase after you leave the office and during the weeks to follow. In the long run, you will save a lot of time and money if you choose hypnotherapy as your primary mode of therapy treatment.

In some cases, it may be very beneficial to do hypnotherapy weekly in the beginning of treatment. As you progress, the sessions may be decreased in frequency.

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We are trained via The Wellness Institute in Seattle, WA).

For more info on HCH, please visit The Wellness Institute’s FAQs:




See current pricing list for Hypnotherapy Rates: Current Pricing List

*Rates subject to change

**Please note: These rates are comparable to “regular” therapy on a per hour basis. However, hypnotherapy is actually found to be less expensive overall than traditional therapy because it is typically much more effective and generally requires less sessions.


Benefits of Hypnotherapy:

  • Therapy in a relaxed state (mind & body), which is a light to medium hypnotic state
  • Clients are less guarded and hold back less during hypnotherapy
  • Gets to the root cause of destructive subconscious beliefs & behaviors that clients may not even be aware of
  • More progress in only ONE 90 minute session versus months of traditional therapy
  • Clients are completely aware of surroundings and do not lose consciousness
  • Allows connections to subconscious thoughts, helping break underlying self-defeating beliefs & patterns
  • Occurs in a safe, non-judgmental space for unresolved issues to be processed & resolved
  • Surfaces repressed memories that are stored in the subconscious mind (which is 90% of our mind), allowing them to be processed safely & effectively
  • Strong emotional release to help process old trauma(s) for permanent release
  • Releases blocked energy & emotions (anger, guilt, shame, blame, sadness, fear, etc)
  • Changes beliefs on a subconscious level, versus only on a conscious level
  • Re-aligns clients’ inner-child part of themselves with the wise adult part of themselves

Hypnotherapy can be used for almost anything! 

  • Addictions
  • Anxiety
  • Break-ups
  • Confidence Issues
  • Depression
  • Grief
  • OCD
  • Panic Attacks
  • Phobias
  • Physical ailments
  • Public Speaking
  • Relationship Issues
  • Self Esteem Issues
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Trauma / PTSD
  • Weight Loss